Currently the solo exhibition by the Danish artist Ib Geertsen (1919-2009) is on show at the GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst. This lead to the occasion to ask different manufacturers of the region whether they are willing to make own design drafts inspired by Geertsen’s geometric forms and clear colours. The result assembles cushions, bowls, carpets, tote bags and a sideboard of high quality. All objects are sustainably produced and exclusively developed for sale at the GAK. They are directly available at the GAK during the opening hours or can be ordered via phone or e-mail until the end of the exhibition, November the 13th.

Célia Esteves (Viana do Castelo, Portugal)
Contact via consum Store Bremen
Hand-woven carpet made of recycled cotton
100 x 140 cm
10 copies
210.- EUR each / 190.- EUR for GAK-members

Célia Esteves’ drafts of carpets fluctuate between Portuguese weaving tradition and contemporary themes. They are published under her label GUR and often emerge in cooperation with other designers or artists. In the sense of sustainability they are hand-woven from recycled cotton. Small irregularities in the material appear as a result of this method and render unique each copy. All GUR carpets are cold washable in a washing machine. Our ten copies are exclusively designed for the GAK and inspired by the colour and form palette of Ib Geertsen. They show a horizontal justified pattern in blue shades accented by a diagonal line and a small yellow stripe.

Sven Klinkerfuß (Hamburg)
Sideboard with white carcass, fronts and edges in teakwood-verneer, base frame massiv teakwood,
details in sycamore
145 x 70 x 40 cm
Single copy (signed)
2.600.- EUR including base frame / 2.100.- EUR without base frame

Sven Klinkerfuß does cabinetry. His furniture combines technical quality, functionality, harmony of proportions and straightforwardness of forms. The exclusively manufactured sideboard with fronts and edges of teakwood-verneer and soft accents of sycamore represents handles of the drawers and sliding doors as “circle-squares“, Ib Geertsen’s characteristic. The handles are incorporated in the wood, their edging of sycamore contrasting with the teakwood surface. This contrast of two kinds of wood can also be found at the base frame. Also available without base frame as a hanging sideboard.

Hemme Design (Hamburg)
Cushions made of knitted wool
3 x 2 copies (blue, red, green)
45 x 45 cm
89.- EUR each

Hemme Design is the label established by Vanessa Koch and Till Hinrichs. In their store in Hamburg-St. Pauli they sell home ware, clothing and accessories of their own production or of selected producers from the Hamburg region. The exclusive series of cushions is available in three colours (blue, red, green) featuring Ib Geertsen’s „cirle-square“ theme, wich resembles a drop shape and caused the title of the series, Dråber (Danish: drop). The cushion covers are made of 100% merino wool and machine washable (wool washing 40º). The padding is made of cotton and down.

Tanja Möwis (Bremen)
Bowls made of glazed ceramic
9 sizes and decors
50.- EUR to 150.- EUR

Tanja Möwis crafts vases, mugs and tankards of stoneware mass and provides them with decors in different colours. Our series of bowls resorts to the colour palette of Ib Geertsen, varying two decors based on Geertsen’s „circle-square“ theme and/or the impression of his mobiles. The colour on the inside of the bowl echos the pattern on the outside. Every bowl is a single copy, thrown by hand and fired at high temperatuere after drying. This renders the jars permanently colour-fast, frost resistant, food-safe and dishwasher-proof.

In addition to these objects the GAK offers a tote bag referring to Ib Geertsen’s shifted cubes and combinations of rectangular and angular lines. It is made from cotton and measures 38 x 42 cm (12.- EUR).

All objects can be purchased directly at the GAK during the opening hours (Tue-Sun 11 am - 6 pm, Thu 11 am - 8 pm.). Furthermore we accept orders via phone or e-mail: GAK, 0421/500897, Please note that we do not accept credit cards.