Florian Hüttner

born 1964 in Bad Tölz, lives in Hamburg

Untitled (from the series FLUSS-VERSCHLAG), 2010
4 x graphite on paper, 1 x graphite and aquarelle on paper
21 x 29,7 cm
5 original works, signed and dated, exclusively for the GAK
350 EUR

The artist placed a number of everyday objects inside this makeshift construction and set up video cameras to observe the shack and its surroundings, broadcasting the images live to the exhibition space. In a series of fanciful drawings and watercolour works Hüttner explored the structure's hidden potentials: What if it was taken over by rats and birds? Where and how could cameras be attached to it? What would happen if the structure's anchors failed and it tumbled into the Weser River? What does it look like from the river? Or from above? Or from below? Or from the side? Florian Hüttner has presented the GAK with five of these drawings for the Jahresgaben. In the aftermath of the exhibition, these images continue to serve as imaginative visions of an artistic idea.