Kate Newby

born 1979 in Auckland, lives in Auckland

Try try again; You want something to happen and nothing does; Leaf, you are so big;
Try again but harder;
Many directions as much as possible, 2010
Wire objects for walls and windows
Dimension variable
5 original works (with certificates), exclusively for the GAK
410 EUR


Kate Newby's room installations, objects, typographies and photographic works demonstrate her characteristically situative approach. The New Zealand artist creates site specific works that draw on the architecture of the exhibition space, delicately accentuating the site's defining elements with everyday materials.In drawing our attention to the unseen, marginal and seemingly irrelevant aspects of the familiar, Newby invites us to see these spaces and materials with fresh eyes.
Kate Newby's works for the Jahresgaben feature sentences of various lengths formed from wire – ranging from trivial statements to compelling calls to action.These fragile creations are highly flexible and can be mounted on walls, in window frames, or in the corner of a room.Removing everyday statements and proverbs from their conventional contexts, Newby invites us to approach them with our own unique interpretations.