Katrin Mayer

born 1974 in Oberstdorf, lives in Berlin

Décor, 2010
Digital print on chiffon, folded, cardboard, transparent film
50 x 64 cm (unfolded)
Edition: 10 + 1 AP (with certificate)
exclusively for the GAK
160 EUR

A photograph is the basis of Katrin Mayer's Jahresgabe, offering viewers a fleeting glimpse of Marcel Broodthaers' exhibition Décor: A Conquest through the ornamented cast-iron gates of the Michael Werner Gallery in New York. Broodthaers' (1924–1976) critical examination of exhibition practices and institutional frameworks has played a pivotal role in the work of many artists including Mayer, who printed the photograph on eleven translucent chiffon scarves for Décor, folding each individually to create a series of unique works. Bridging the divide between materiality, imagery, ornamentation and object art, Katrin Mayer's work references both Marcel Broodthaers and Adolf Loos, whose identification of ornamentation with the feminine in the early 20th century has impacted on discussions of Modernity ever since.