Patricia Lambertus

born 1970 in Kempten/Allgäu, lives in Bremen

Heute hier 1-10, 2007-2010
Touch-up pencil on transparent film and wallpaper
Size: varies, approx. 21 x 29.7 cm (sheet)
10 original works, signed, dated
390 EUR


Patricia Lambertus has made wallpaper the heart and soul of her art works. Sourcing her materials from abandoned apartments, sample books and hardware stores, Lambertus uses wallpaper to create collage-like spatial installations and glass-fronted paintings, or as the backdrop to urban sketches, deftly composed using touch-up pencils on transparent film as seen in her contribution to the Jahresgaben 2010/2011. Each of these works depicts an actual building in Bremen, ranging from the elegant villas of the city's founding years to the high-rise apartment buildings of the 1970s. In using fragments of wallpaper as the backdrop to her examination of urban architecture, Lambertus dissolves the boundary between interior and exterior space, decoration and function.