Sarah Ortmeyer

born 1980 in Frankfurt/Main, lives in Vienna

Paper, folded, in six frames, 35 x 25 x 5 cm (per frame)
Series in six parts with certificate, exclusively for the GAK
Edition: 5 + 1 AP
1918 EUR

Sarah Ortmeyer's 2010 exhibition NAVY ROYAL at the GAK was a homage to the world of sailors and seafaring. Her contribution for the Jahresgaben revisits this maritime theme. Working with folded paper, Ortmeyer illustrates a tale of adventure on the high seas in six parts.:
1. A ship sails across the ocean. 2. A storm strikes the ship, tearing a hole in its stern. 3. The storm becomes ever more ferocious. When the ship is struck by lightning, its sail is ripped and badly damaged. 4. A second bolt of lightning strikes the ship's bow. 5. The ship begins to disintegrate and sink.6. After the ship has vanished below the ocean waves, all that remains is the Captain's shirt drifting on the current. This 2010 Jahresgabe showcases Ortmeyer's fine narrative sensibility and remarkable ability to translate her artistic vision into a work of visual poetry.