Achim Bertenburg

born 1954 in Solingen, lives in Bremen

Keim and 4 x Untitled, 2011
Oil on grounded corrugated cardboard
approx. 30 x 50 cm
5 original works, signed, dated, exclusively for the GAK
1100 EUR


Achim Bertenburg's works investigate and explore the inherent possibilities of painting. His processual approach is underscored by the corrugated cardboard which forms the substrate of these works for the GAK. Variations in the format and uneven edges of these five original works lend the two-dimensional painted surfaces an object-like quality caused by the cut of the cardboard and the wiped off excess paint. Mute colours define the work at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals both depth, motion, and a range of hues beneath or indeed within the confines of its seemingly motionless monochromatic surface.
These works divulge more and more each time the eye returns to explore their coloured surfaces. In an allegorical sense, these works are like germinating seeds - within the confines of their minuscule forms they hold fast the potential of untold possibilities. Equally, the reduction that characterises Bertenburg's works signifies not frugality, but a form of compression which gives rise to myriad new perspectives and insights.