Fabian Reimann

born 1975 in Bremerhaven, lives in Leipzig

THE YELL, 2011
Fine art pigment print, framed, text on back side
36 x 26 cm (sheet)
5 original works, signed, dated, exclusively for the GAK
480 EUR

Fabian Reimann's works revolve frequently around the mysterious and often quirky stories behind historical events and individuals. Employing carefully researched text and imagery in his arrangements of sculptural elements, photographs, collages and texts, and connecting the factual with the fantastic, Fabian Reimann blurs the boundary between reality and the imagination to present his own unique take on history and familiar stories.
For the GAK's Jahresgaben, Reimann drew on the hypothesis that Tarzan's call was produced by combining the voice of actor Johnny Weissmuller with the cry of a hyena, the lowing of a camel, the growl of a dog and the plucking of the G-string on a violin. Reimann's work confronts this aural conglomeration with the Bremen Town Musicians; in five digital prints produced by the artist, a donkey, a dog, a cat or a rooster join the creators of Tarzan's distinctive ululating call. This panoply of animal calls finds its visual expression in Reimann's overlapping images and fields of colour, being bomplemented by an explanatory text on the reverse of the frame.