Jochen Lempert

born 1958 in Moers, lives in Hamburg

Untitled, 2008/2011
Baryte paper
18 x 24 cm
Edition: 7, signed, dated, numbered, exclusively for the GAK
750 EUR


"One swallow doesn't make a summer," goes the saying. But does Jochen Lempert's photograph truly depict a single swallow? The bird seems strangely removed from the world as it glides above the surface. Flying across an expanse of water, the swallow encounters its Doppelgänger. Does it take delight in this narcissistic game? If we interpret the second bird as a mirror image, it is a scene which invites us to reflect on Being and the experience of the Ich in the mirrored Self. But as a shadow, the Doppelgänger is an ephemeral reflection of the subject, inconstant and fleeting.
Shaped by the trained eye of the biologist, Lempert's photographs of the animal kingdom delve deep into the nature of human existence. Lempert explores the relationship between nature and culture in pseudo-scientific bodies of work that range between expressive sensibility and the traditions of natural science.