Cordula Prieser

born 1966 in Bremen, lives in Bremen

Shared spaces, 2009 (orange), 2011 (blue) und 2012 (green)
Aluminum, cotton, synthetic material
30 x 36 x 25 cm (orange), 22 x 30 x 18 cm (blue), 33 × 26 × 18,5 cm (green)
3 original works, exclusively for the GAK
1250 EUR

As a trained sculptor, Cordula Prieser accords great significance to space and its sensual experience. Her three-dimensional objects, which usually consist of simple materials such as wood, yarn or wire, are characterised by a particular lightness and transparency. They do not represent a closed structure, but rather play with the inside and the outside, with the boundaries that are merely suggested and which can only be determined by the subject – the observer.
This spatial metamorphosis is also addressed in her Jahresgabe for the GAK. In the three objects of Shared spaces the clarity of the lines is connected to a dynamic definition of boundaries: the shape-forming structure of metal proves to be permeable and fragile; the soft, colourful yarn marks a clear border, without determining it conclusively, while the transparent plastic merely simulates openness. This openness of outline allows a flowing transition between object and space, inside and outside.