founded 2003 in Bremen

Untitled (4 Glasses), 2012
4 Glasses, engraved, in wooden display case
ca. 26 x 38 cm
Edition: 7 original works, signed, dated, numbered, exclusively for the GAK
480 EUR

dilettantin produktionsbüro operates at the interface between art and the everyday. With its subtle interventions, it intervenes in our standardised areas of experience, opening them to divergent sensual experiences and thus examining the manner in which art / non-art is perceived. The “dreijahre Gastraumprojekt” (“dining room project”) in Bremen explored, for instance, to the apparent “(im)possibility to operate a restaurant as art”.
The Jahresgabe for the GAK continues this study: four old wine glasses in a display case-like box are engraved with affirmations for everyday life, e.g.: Surrender / My Home is the Sea / Tell me Why / Everything Counts. The engravings are derived from popular music. Through these and the display cases, the commonplace glasses experience a transformation into an artistic object, without losing their function. Purchasers of this Jahresgabe must decide whether Untitled (4 Glasses) should remain behind glass as an artefact to be protected, or be placed on the table as an item of use.