Kathrin Sonntag

born 1981 in Berlin, lives in Berlin

for Homemakers, Handy Aids FOR Homemakers, Novel Appliances, 2009
Paper collage (framed)
46 x 32,5 cm (sheet)
3 original works, exclusively for the GAK
780 EUR

Kathrin Sonntag’s work addresses the human gaze. How do we look at everyday things? When does a legible, trusted object step outside itself and become perceived anew? And how can such changes in perception be provoked?
Her Jahresgabe shows three pages from American periodicals of the 1950s. They bring together inventions intended to ease everyday housework. A shade for the tip of the shoe, the “spork” (combination of spoon and fork) and so on only prevailed in part and oscillate between usefulness and absurdity. Sonntag cut out triangular and rectangular shapes from the newspapers and coloured their margins. They inhibit the observation of the pictures and their accompanying texts and frame the empty spaces in the paper. By this means she repositions the value from that which is illustrated to the empty spaces – and to the wall that lies behind, which is made visible and part of the work thanks to a special manner of framing.