Mariechen Danz

born 1980 in Dublin, lives in Berlin

Soil Sample Organ (1/2 brain), 2011
Soil, horn, grass, epoxy resin
6 x 12 x 20 cm

Soil Sample Organ (liver), 2011
Pebbles, grass seed, soil, epoxy resin
5 x 10 x 20 cm

Soil Sample Organ (heart), 2011
Glass fragments, epoxy resin
8 x 10 x 15 cm

3 original works
1100 EUR

Mariechen Danz’s artistic work addresses “knowledge” in its many facets and is based essentially on language and the body. The place in which language is formed is the human body. It is therefore the starting point for the appropriation and transfer of knowledge, as well as for the possible mistakes and misunderstandings that are inherent to all communication. Conversely, it has itself been an object of examination in science for centuries. With Danz the body acts in this double role as a producer and an object of reflection.
Danz’s Jahresgabe consists of three anatomically precise organs from her series Soil Sample Organs: half a brain, a heart and a kidney made from glass, earth, grass or stones and cast in epoxy. They represent aspects that, when considered, could make our usual manner
of communication (and of knowledge) easier: intuition and emotion (right hemisphere), vulnerability (heart of broken glass) and the ability to filter that which is “poisonous” (kidney).