Charlotte Moth

born 1978 in Carshalton, lives in Berlin

Untitled, 2013
analog black and white-photogrammes (framed)
21 x 29,7 cm (sheet)
8 original works, signed, dated, exclusively for the GAK
790 EUR

Charlotte Moth is a discoverer of the particular within the familiar. Her work – photographs, videos, slide projections or three-dimensional arrangements – transforms everyday objects and architecture into new forms and compositions, often cloaked in a mantle of secrecy.
Such is her contribution for the GAK: Analog photogrammes, dominated by their black ground, open a circular frame to reveal a photograph. The round fragment cites various works from Moth’s series Light Studies. The artist both directs and limits the viewer’s gaze by applying a method borrowed from the French architect and urban planner Paul Chemetov (*1928). He uses the binocular-like cutouts in his photographic archive material to focus and frame details of an image. In Moth’s work, however, we only catch a glimpse through the keyhole presenting a point of view that is peripheral, subjective and mysterious.