Kajsa Dahlberg

born 1973 in Goteborg, lives in Malmö and Berlin

Ett eget rum / Tusen bibliotek, 2013 and Ein Zimmer für sich / Ein eigenes Zimmer /
Ein Zimmer für sich allein / Vierhundertdreiunddreißig Bibliotheken,
artist’s books
German: 14,5 x 10 cm, Swedish: 17,5 x 11,5 cm
Edition: 9, signed, dated, numbered
230 EUR

Kajsa Dahlberg's Jahresgabe for the GAK consists of two artist books in Swedish and German. Both share the same source: Virginia Woolf’s essay A Room of One’s Own from 1929, one of the most quoted texts of the women’s movement. In the text, Woolf calls for a minimum wage and a woman’s right to her own room as a guarantee of her independence, basic conditions for women to determine their own lives in a patriarchal world. Now Dahlberg has tracked down Woolf’s classic in 1000 Swedish and 433 Berlin libraries and assembled the pages of the found library books into a new edition – along with underlinings, doodles and margin notes from the anonymous borrowers. The result is a version that presents the original translated texts and also delivers the commentary level of the nameless readers. Thus, beyond Woolf’s actual text, the book also offers a picture of the thoughts and aspirations of subsequent generations.