Koenraad Dedobbeleer

born 1975 in Halle, Belgium, lives in Brussels

One Took It on Faith That the Final Scientific Picture of the World Would Be Beautiful, 2014
Offset print on paper, painted metal, magnets, screws
40 x 40 x 30 cm
Edition: 10 + 3 AP, with certificate, exclusively for the GAK
1000 EUR

The inspiration for Dedobbeleer’s Jahresgabe was provided by the publication A Four Dimensional Being Writes Poetry on a Field with Sculptures – an art book by Charles Ray, whose cover displays a sketch of geometric shapes and lines in luminous orange, with a clear resemblance to the steel sculpture Early One Morning by Anthony Caro. Dedobbeleer combines Ray’s interpretation of the Caro sculpture with a self-made mounting, coloured in a shade of green utilized by the manufacturer of Lada cars. The paper hangs freely in the air, attached by two small magnets, while the metal construction is affixed to the wall.

Dedobbeleer’s Jahresgabe brings together some questions that are of general importance to his artistic work: it oscillates between different states (in this case from two- to three-dimensionality, as well as from original to reproduction), connects with the history of art and combines everyday elements and artistic setting.