Matthias Ruthenberg

born 1984 in Berlin, lives in Bremen

Linie 3, 2013
Pencil on paper (framed), 24 x 32 cm (sheet)
730 EUR

On the way to Han Gan, 2014
Pencil on paper (framed), 24 x 29,1 cm (sheet),
430 EUR

deinen schritten folgt das geräusch des sommers, 2013/2014
Pencil on paper (framed), 23 x 28 cm (sheet)
680 EUR

3 original works, signed, dated, exclusively for the GAK

The knitting pattern of a wool jumper, the brickwork of a façade, the pattern of upholstery in the tram: Matthias Ruthenberg’s drawings are born by the banal and constantly recurring impressions of everyday life. His medium: the pencil. The artist always has it with him – together with paper in the pocket of his jacket. His drawings are the incidental products of his movements and preserve on paper his daily routines.  In other pieces Ruthenberg draws previously seen patterns and grids from memory for weeks, meticulously and with minimal serialism.

This is the case in two of the three pieces that he provided as Jahresgaben for the GAK: the seat pattern of Bremen’s tram line No. 3 and the masonry details of a Korean house façade are drawn from memory. In his third Jahresgabe he expands the medium of drawing by alienating his working material: the soft pencil lead is punched incessantly onto the paper with a hammer, creating an imprint point by point.