Nina Hoffmann

born 1980 in Spaichingen, lives in Berlin

Planet Earth Is Blue And There Is Nothing I Can Do, 2014
Parchment paper, permanent marker, magazine, pair of gloves, varying sizes
Series of 5 original works (Brandeins, Electronic Beats, Mobil, Monopol, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin), with certificate, exclusively for the GAK
380 EUR

Nina Hoffmann’s artistic work is shaped by her inquiry into the different facets of interpersonal relationships: the clichés that determine them, the yearnings that are expressed in them, or the social conditions in which they are located.

The magazines provided by Hoffmann to the GAK as a Jahresgabe illustrate the different presence of men and women, for example in the art world (Monopol), in general everyday life (Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin and Mobil), in the world of business (Brandeins) or in the field of music (Electronic Beats). They are accompanied by pairs of gloves that allow the viewer to browse through the pages gently, and which at the same time are gender-specific (e.g. satin or working gloves). Page after page, Hoffmann marks the names or pictures of women meticulously in red, and those of the men in blue. The pictorial result epitomises a social reality that she names in the title of her Jahresgabe (Artist's Edition): Planet Earth Is Blue And There Is Nothing I Can Do.