Verena Issel

born 1982 in Munich, lives in Hamburg

These Kids are not ok / Design löst Probleme, 2014
Tape on glass, varying sizes
16 original works, with certificate
Single piece: 160 EUR, set of two pieces: 260 EUR, set of three pieces: 310 EUR

Shattered glass frames are an everyday occurrence for most artists and rarely suitable for further use. In her Jahresgabe for the GAK, Verena Issel covers the sharp edges of the broken bits of glass with coloured tape, thus creating 16 unique pieces that can be combined with each other and assembled as  colourful and individual sets.

Starting from the idea that good design should not only be elegant, but should at the same time solve functional problems, while good art tends instead to broach questions and problems, Issel develops the idea that design can also solve her artistic problems by transforming injury-threatening rubbish. Into good design? Or into art? These Kids are not ok / Design löst Probleme (These Kids are not ok / design solves problems) is a humorous reaction to the constant discussion about the demarcation between disciplines such as art and design. Instead of differentiating between questions of rubbish, design or art, Issel blends them together and thus expands the potential of the areas in combination.