*1974 in Mittelberg/Kleinwalsertal, Austria, lives in Bremen

Stein. Ansicht  I–V, 2015
Embroidery on linen (framed)
30 x 40 cm (frame)
5 original works, dated, signed, exclusively for the GAK
480 EUR

Susanne Katharina Willand explores in her work the possibilities of fabric-based materials and techniques. Her embroideries on cloth oscillate between abstraction and figuration, unfolding an ambivalent effect as the viewer draws closer or moves further away. Viewed from a distance, the work gives an impression of naturalistic painting or photography. But stepping closer, the viewer comes to realize that the image is in fact comprised of a multitude of pixels. The closer one approaches the work, the more its motif dissolves.

In her Jahresgabe for the GAK, Willand has embroidered five different views of a stone on linen fabric. The result is a meticulous study of an object which is both ubiquitous and quotidian and which neither the artist nor the observer are able to fully grasp. Willand's work offers a poetic appreciation of the complexity of seemingly simple objects and the boundaries of human perception.