*1978 in München, lives in Hamburg

O.T. (Tryptichon 1), O.T. (Tryptichon 2) and O.T. (Tryptichon 3), 2015
Varnish, acrylic and vinylic paint on plywood
62 x 88 x 33 cm, 55 x 80 x 26 cm and 48 x 72 x 19 cm
3 original works, dated, signed, exclusively for the GAK
2100 EUR, 1900 EUR and 1700 EUR

Tillmann Terbuyken's treatments of surface extend outwards, moving beyond the confines of the panel. His works oscillate between the mediums of painting and sculpture, between autonomy and functionality – some of them comprising a potential use. The schemes of colour and shape in Terbuyken's works connect with the painterly traditions of modernity, standing in contrast with his use of raw and unpretentious materials such as plywood and roofing battens.

Terbuyken's Jahresgabe for the GAK features three triptychs of different sizes. The triptychs' central panels and angled side wings are presented in varying shades of red, yellow, blue and blended tones – the result is a reminiscence of the iconic painting Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue? by Barnett Newman in the form of a wall object. As elementary as these vivid colors are the shapes chosen by the artist: the square, triangle and circle. The resulting tension between the conceptual rigour of the panels and the irregularity of their manufacturing proves highly fruitful.