*1969 in Bremerhaven, lives in Bremen

Untitled, 2016
Wood, varnish, binder, plastic
DIN A3 (vertical or horizontal format)
5 original works; signed, dated, exclusively for the GAK
2100 EUR each

The Jahresgabe from Christian Haake includes five original pieces in which the artist elaborates his own unique style of painting. He uses industrial production techniques with which he creates formally reductive but carefully detailed, multi-layered drawings. Urban and industrial shapes appear on various levels, seemingly invoking architectural fragments. Often combinations of memory and imagination form the basis for Christian Haake’s works. He explains that the idea behind the five versions of his Jahresgabe is a train ride during which the landscapes quickly pass by in a blur. However, despite their movement, the viewer still retains a few abstract shapes. While the real world is suggested in the works, each differing in subject and technique, that world is not formulated as a clear representation. In connecting with the viewer's everyday life, the works still maintain a narrative open-endedness.