*1974 in Budapest, Hungary, lives in Bremen

Magdalena 1, 41 x 30 cm,
Magdalena 2, 33 x 47 cm
Magdalena 3, 52 x 34 cm,
Magdalena 4, 37 x 27 cm,
Magdalena 5, 50 x 30 cm, all 2016
Oil on canvas
5 original works + 2 AP, signed, dated, exclusively for the GAK
900 EUR each

Emese Kazár’s Jahresgabe consists of five original pieces, sections of a large oil painting depicting a female figure that the artist separated into distinct individual images afterwards. Each work represents Kazár’s characteristic dark palette with non-transparent paint layers. Two of the canvases make a clear reference to their original motif, displaying a head or a hand. Others, because of their isolation, completely dissolve the underlying figure into abstraction. One can hardly detect that the blue shadow at the top of one painting excerpt depicts the female breast, that a dark bulge constitutes the navel, or in another, the female crotch. To that end, the original works from Magdalena explore possibilities for depicting the human body and at the same time stage an interplay between abstraction and figuration.