Branka Colic, Anneli Käsmayr, Michael Rieken, collaboration since 2005

No Sad Beat. Edition Malcolm no. 1102,
Twisted. Edition Malcolm Nr. 1103,
Please Love Me, I’m Stereo. Edition Malcolm no. 1104
and Vinícius. Edition Malcolm no. 1105, 2016
Piano arrangements, DIN A4
Edition: 20 (4 x 5)
17.80 EUR each

The Jahresgabe from the music and art group SEX comprises piano arrangements in traditional design, available at the customary price of sheet music. At first glance, the viewers think they are holding a classical composition. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that many of the notes are unplayable. In fact, the score is of house music tracks self-produced by SEX, which the artists then had transposed by a digital audio sequencing programme into classical musical notation. This automated translation of electronic sounds into notes creates absurd figures that negate the implied purpose of the piano reduction. Thus, the Jahresgabe positions itself between categories of (claimed but not fulfilled) functionality and artistic statement.